First, there can be no competitive economy without education.

First, there can be no competitive economy without education.

First, there can be no competitive economy without education.

Why is there so much attention to education now? First, there can be no competitive economy without education. Second, education is an integrating factor. It is thanks to the high level of education that Russia became an empire. And Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the countries of Central Asia came to us voluntarily, because there was a higher level of education. A graduate of a Soviet university in the 50s and 60s was a bearer of the highest technologies and was worth its weight in gold anywhere in the world.

Today, education needs a competitive environment, then there will be support not from those who receive the most funding, but those who have the most breakthrough results.

According to our tradition, the interlocutor during the interview names his favorite book. What work would you recommend to the readers of the Russian Education portal?

A favorite book is the one that provides answers to pressing questions. I like memoirs. Earlier it was Churchill, but now Vyacheslav Nikonov’s memories of his grandfather Vyacheslav Molotov “Molotov. Our cause is just. ” Great book!

Interviewed by Maria Naumenko

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Interview with the teacher of school No. 105 in Voronezh Vera Zhivotyagina. 


Vera Vladimirovna Zhivotiagina is a biology teacher and class teacher with 19 years of experience. In 2019, she became the winner of the category “Homeroom teacher – 2019” at the tenth regional city festival “From vocation to recognition.” Vera Vladimirovna, tell us how you build relationships with children?

School life is very interesting and eventful. But, in my opinion, it is communication in an informal setting, outside the school, that makes the relationship between the teacher and the children closer and more trusting. 

The guys and I go on excursions, visit theaters, master classes, go on trips to another city, go to the skating rink or just walk around the city, because it is frequent joint events that help not only to unite the team, get to know each other better, but also give the opportunity open up to children.

Do you need a border in relations with children? How do I install it?

It seems to me that there must be personal boundaries in relations with children. And the first thing a teacher should start with is to determine for himself: how you can behave with me, and how you cannot, and then convey these rules to the children. 

However, if we require a child to comply with any rules, then we, teachers, must first of all observe them ourselves.

And the most important thing, in my opinion, is to remember that you and your child are not equal. Interaction with children should never be brought to confrontation.

Do conflicts arise in the classroom? How do you deal with them?

In my practice, conflict situations were rarely encountered, but if they did arise, then I adhered to some rules of behavior in such cases. The first is not to expand the subject of quarrels, the second is to show emotional restraint. And, finally, to form the ability to extract factors from a negative situation that allow finding a positive way to resolve the conflict.

Do you have any secrets to interact with your parents?

Yes, like any teacher. You need to understand that parents, like children, want to receive support and attention from a teacher. For example, for some parents it is important to acknowledge that they really do a lot for the child, and for others – the teacher’s understanding of how difficult it is for parents at times. 

It is also important for parents that the teacher is at the same time with them, is an ally. After all, the feeling that the teacher is not indifferent to your child, that the teacher seeks to take care of him, is the most important factor in the formation of contact. 

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At one time, commercial universities appeared all over the country like mushrooms after rain, but most of them were later closed. What happens if this process turns into a trend?

If the non-state sector finally disappears, the rudiments of a competitive environment will completely disappear.

Private universities perform as well as public universities without subsidies from the country’s budget. There are more than ten subjects in Russia, where the scientometrics of private universities is in second or, extremely rarely, in third place in the regions.

No one has come up with anything better than the exam so far

I would like to hope that they will adopt a special program to support the non-state sector.

This is the main factor that determines whether he survives or not. In all post-socialist countries, such programs have been adopted and implemented.

In addition to the universities themselves, branches are mercilessly reduced. What do you think about it?

In two ways. On the one hand, it is absolutely correct to remove weak universities. But there must be clear, clear criteria by which they are closed. As the church reformer Martin Luther said, a child is often thrown out with water.

Unfortunately, during the massive downsizing, there were cases when branches were closed, which, by scientometrics, are higher than most national research universities.

Your personal experience of working in a higher school has more than 30 years: in 1991 you headed RosNOU, and up to that moment you worked at MIPT for ten years. What, in your opinion, has changed during this time in the field of education?

Previously, it was not necessary to keep so many reports; universities were given clearer tasks. There was only one goal: to obtain globally competitive graduates, which we succeeded in doing. And also the generation of new knowledge – according to this criterion, the USSR was the world leader.

Over the course of 60 years, many countries of the world have adopted the traditions of the Russian education system, and now it is time for us to take the best that our foreign colleagues have and start introducing ourselves.

How do you feel about the Unified State Exam?

So far, no one has come up with anything better than the exam. The only thing, I would take all KIMs from those tasks that were under the USSR. That is, these should not be tests, but tasks.

The Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva intends to introduce internal exams for applicants in universities. How do you think such tests can and should pass?

The more exams the better. The higher their level, the better. A person must understand that in order to enter a prestigious department, he must solve serious problems.

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Interview with People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Andrey Sokolov

Andrey Alekseevich, your name is associated with the majority of Russians with cinema and theater. Please tell us why “Artek”, the “Scarlet Sails” festival, work with children and teenagers appeared in the creative biography of the People’s Artist of Russia?

“Artek” appeared in my life a long time ago, I was still a pioneer here in the “Morskoy” camp, and I still consider myself an “Artek member”.

As for “Scarlet Sails” – it all started 25 years ago, then it was, let’s say, a “local project”, we lived in a different country, with different ideals. During this time, everything has changed: the festival has become more large-scale, other guys take part in it, this is a different generation, with different values ​​and approaches. But the main thing remains unchanged: this is the territory of creativity and new discoveries.

Of course, the result “here and now” is very pleasant to see, but still the work should be daily, step by step

Both me and my colleagues – we all try not only to talk about the basics of our profession, to give basic knowledge, but also to communicate with them, even educate them in some way, share our experience.

But the result of this work turns out to be “delayed”, it general maximus a hero essay may not be immediately visible. Doesn’t it bother you?

No, it doesn’t. No one expects that the festival participants, for example, will immediately start filming their own films, I understand very well that these are children, adolescents who still have a lot to learn and not everyone will find cinema a matter of life.

Of course, it is very pleasant to see the result “here and now”, but nevertheless, the work should be daily, step by step, and only then the result will be worthy.

And now we see the “postponed results” of our first festivals – some of their participants present their creative projects today, and many of them are really interesting.

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How important do you think extracurricular activities are in classroom leadership?

Extracurricular activities are the basis for the cohesion of the class team, the opportunity for self-realization and openness to each student. Children sometimes do not even know what talents they have. Outside of school, it turns out to better understand children, form an individual approach, based on the characteristics of the child’s character.

It seems to me that competent extracurricular activities are the basis for the successful work of any class teacher.

How did you deal with parental panic during distance learning? 

I want to say right away that the parents had panic only in the first few days of distance learning.

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