Envios a todo el mundo




We seek Inspiration in different places. We offer unique designs with a limited production; we produce limited pairs of each color, look for each model to have different materials, textures and colors so that you find what identifies with you the most. Also, our clients can count on exclusive models. Finally, by making our own wood and importing our soles, we differentiate ourselves from the other brands on the market.


The hands of our local craftsman shape our unique designs. Each craftsman specializes in a different part of the process to ensure the best possible quality in the final product with special attention to every detail.


Comfort is the most important thing. All our shoes have special shapes designed with materials chosen to make your feet happy and cozy in every step.


Our shoes are made of leather both outside and inside to ensure the quality level that our customers deserve. In addition, our exclusive soles will always be created with top quality materials.



Our customers are our most valuable asset. We work every day to make you trust our brand. We are your allies in design and comfort.


Our materials and processes are exposed with total transparency so that you know how and who has been involved in the production process. We’re here to answer any questions.


Every place that inspires our collections is chosen with a lot of dedication and attention to offer you different and innovative proposals. We aim to surprise you.


We always put effort into differentiating ourselves. The creative process is very important for us. We pay attention to every detail to surprise you with every collection.

We promote entrepreneurship

Canella Brand Shoes is a small enterprise with big dreams. With the help of our craftsmen, we will continue to grow to offer you the best designs and quality in our products.