Sainz and ‘rookie’ Norris are fighting with arguments for the ‘top 5’

Sainz and ‘rookie’ Norris are fighting with arguments for the ‘top 5’

Sainz and ‘rookie’ Norris are fighting with arguments for the ‘top 5’

At the Buriram circuit he will have his first ‘match-ball’.

What does Marquez need to be champion in Thailand with four races to go?

There are multiple combinations, up to 14, based on the result of the race, but in short, the Cervera driver has to get a minimum of two points from the Italian and face the last four races with a 100-point advantage.

The only option that Dovi has to keep his options in Thailand to stay ahead of Marc Márquez, who as things are can even afford a ‘stumble’ and would still have four other ‘match balls’.

Márquez will be champion in Thailand if …

…win the race

… Is 2nd and Dovizioso does not win

… Is 3rd and Dovizioso is not 1st or 2nd

… He’s 4th and Dovizioso doesn’t finish on the podium

… Is 5th and Dovizioso is 7th or worse

… Is 6th and Dovizioso is 8th or worse

… Is 7th and Dovizioso is 9th or worse

… Is 8th and Dovizioso is 10th or worse

… Is 9th and Dovizioso is 11th or worse

… Is 10th and Dovizioso is 12th or worse

… Is 11th and Dovizioso is 13th or worse

… Is 12th and Dovizioso is 14th or worse

… Is 13th and Dovizioso is 15th or worse

… Is 14th and Dovizioso does not score

Twelve races with McLaren. A project that started with many doubts. A surprising success. When Carlos Sainz took over from Fernando Alonso in Woking, few expected such a brilliant progression. The Madrilenian, who is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Mallorca these days, has earned the status of what in Formula 1 is known as ‘best of the rest’, as he is the highest ranked driver in among those who do not compete in the three teams that are candidates for the title: Mercedes, Ferrari and Red login 1xbet Bull.

Aug 14, 2019 at 4:43 pm CEST

Laura Lopez

Carlos Sainz was radiant after the last Hungarian Grand Prix, where by the way, he ‘sentenced’ Pierre Gasly at Red Bull. He finished fifth ahead of the Frenchman and placed seventh overall in the World Championship, although only five points behind the French driver, who after this result has been ‘demoted’ to Toro Rosso from the Belgian GP in favor of the ‘rookie’ Alexander Albon.

A change that has led many to wonder if in Milton Keynes they are not pulling their hair regretting having dispensed with Sainz, who was formed in the Red Bull quarry, saw his path to the first team limited after three seasons At Toro Rosso (2015-2017), he ended up leaving for Renault (2018) and was about to run out of the wheel for 2019 until the opportunity to replace Alonso at McLaren arrived.


Since his arrival at Woking Carlos Sainz has starred in more than remarkable performances, but especially in recent races. He started by stringing three zeros, but did not succumb to the pressure. He did not give up. Fifth place in Germany and Hungary are so far his best positions with McLaren, which led him to recognize in Budapest that "Although the holidays are healthy and necessary, I fear they will cut this good streak".

Actually, you have reason to be calm: "We are very satisfied and proud of the work we have done in the team these months. Now it’s time to rest, disconnect, to charge batteries and come back stronger"says the Spanish rider with a view to the Spa-Francorchamps event (September 1).

The MCL34 already gave hopeful symptoms in the preseason and as the course has progressed it has made us forget its predecessor, that car that was fighting with luck to finish in the ‘top 10’ despite the expert ‘hands’ of Alonso. Sainz and the ‘rookie’ Norris are fighting with arguments for the ‘top 5’. A qualitative leap that must be attributed to the ambition of the young McLaren driver couple and the success of the box in terms of development and strategies. Farewell the first half of the championship as the fourth best team on the grid was something that until recently did not enter the most optimistic forecasts. His 58 points in 12 races (42.2 average points) and above all, his role in the last two races have earned him unanimous recognition from the paddock.

"He did everything right to clinch his second fifth consecutive position. A great start allowed him to advance two places and he knew how to keep Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) behind", explained the official F1 website about Sainz’s performance at the Hungaroring. 

What the rivals have not been able to do in their 17-year career has been caused by injuries. Jorge Lorenzo announced his retirement this Thursday, mainly driven by the physical problems he has suffered since the middle of last season, although this year’s fall in Assen, one of the hardest of his life, was what marked a point and another.


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Laura Lopez

His touch with Marc Márquez at the start of the 2018 Aragón GP, ​​still with Ducati, started a series of falls and injuries of more or less seriousness, which have prevented his adaptation to a motorcycle, the Honda RC213V, which is very demanding on a physical level. At MotorLand he suffered a fracture and dislocation of two toes in his right foot.

He arrived still touched in Thailand and broke the radius of his left hand after a fall in free practice. The pain continued and in Japan he retired after the first training session. He was also injured in Australia and Malaysia and underwent surgery for a ligament in his left hand. He reappeared in Valencia to say goodbye to the Ducati and finished 12th in water.

After a hopeful start to the preseason with the Honda, Lorenzo returned to the operating room in December due to ankle injuries from the Aragon accident. It was not a quiet winter. On January 19, while practicing dirt track in Italy, he fell to the ground and broke the scaphoid in his left hand. He arrived at the presentation of Honda’s new ‘Dream Team’, together with Marc Márquez, still convalescing from the new intervention.

Lorenzo broke two vertebrae in his very hard fall at Assen | Twitter

In the inaugural race in Qatar he suffered a fissure in the first right rib and despite this he made his debut with Honda (13th). He failed to qualify for the top ten in the following races and the serious crash came in the free practice at Assen on June 28. A chilling ‘flight’ from which Jorge came off badly: two fractures in the T6 and T8 vertebrae and almost two months away from the tracks until he was able to return to Silverstone on August 25.

There, doubts began to assail him. Was it worth continuing to risk? "Like any human being, after two heavy falls I began to have doubts about my life, my career. It is normal"He explained a few days before confirming his goodbye to the World Cup.

His results since then have not improved. In Great Britain he finished 14th, as in San Marino. In Aragon he dropped to 20th place and was 18th in Thailand, 17th in Japan, 16th in Australia and 14th in Malaysia, 44 seconds behind Viñales, winner with the Yamaha. Too hard a balance for a three-time MotoGP world champion. A reality that led the CEO of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta to ask him for a reflection: "It can’t go on like this. It’s sad for him and bad for the championship". Lorenzo could change of scene or put the end point. Fed up with operating rooms, he has opted for the latter.  

Marc Márquez’s fan club ’93’, chaired by his uncle Ramón, prepared an original celebration of his eighth world title in all categories. They brought to the Chang Circuit nothing less than a pool table and a whole symbology around the number 8 ball with which games are won.

Oct 06, 2019 at 8:24 pm CEST

Laura Lopez

Once the finish line was crossed, almost still out of breath after his final heart attack with Fabio Quartararo, Marc went to the area of ​​the circuit where the pool table was located and accessed it by a red carpet. Guille Carrillo, one of his mechanics, was waiting for him, dressed in a tuxedo. He handed the cue to Marc and he accepted the challenge to pocket the ball. 

This time there was no trick, as in the famous dice with which he celebrated his sixth crown in 2017 and that when he cast it always gave six. Márquez stood at the table, cue in hand and hit the white ball with a light touch to put the black ball and end a game that has taken him to Thailand to add his third consecutive Moto GP World Championship.

THE CELEBRACI&# 127921; N #ThaiGP &# 127481;&# 127469; #MotoGP &# 127937; pic.twitter.com/7xajKK1KvF

– DAZN Spain (@DAZN_ES) October 6, 2019

Subsequently, the one from Cervera put on a black and gold helmet that also simulated the 8 ball and made the lap of honor throughout the circuit, although he had to raise the visor since he barely had visibility. He raised his 93 flag, this time with the motto of the world champion, and arrived at the closed park to merge in a hug with his team, his brother Àlex, his father Julià and his manager Emilio Alzamora. A real pineapple that surely made Roser, Marc’s mother, who followed the race from Cervera, cry with emotion, "as always, out of superstition".

What are you Marc Márquez and are you alone on the podium? Well nothing, all the PA team INSIDE &# 128540; #ThaiGP &# 127481;&# 127469; #MotoGP &# 127937; # 8ball &# 127921; pic.twitter.com/tpFgeUO6tX

– DAZN Spain (@DAZN_ES) October 6, 2019

Laia Sanz celebrates 10 years in the Dakar. In the previous nine, she has lived them in ‘all colors’ and the last one, in 2019, was about to not dispute it because of a viral infection that had her in ‘dry dock’ for more than three months. "Just a year ago around this time I presented my project without knowing if I could get on the plane, that same afternoon, after the day with the media, I had a fever", remember. But Laia raced that Dakar and against all odds, she finished it 12th overall. 


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"I had the worst moment of my sports career and that is why I am grateful to be here today in good health, having been able to refine my preparation and with high spirits, wanting to try to do a good job.", he assures. "The objective? For me the first is to finish, but it is clear that a 25th or 30th place does not serve me either.

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