This is how city officials reacted to air pollution for the first time in three months

This is how city officials reacted to air pollution for the first time in three months

This is how city officials reacted to air pollution for the first time in three months

As a result of the collision, a 15-year-old girl received bodily injuries from which she died at the scene. 

– says the message.

It is noted that the man tried to escape from the accident scene, but was detained.

A criminal case was initiated against the driver under the article “Violation of traffic rules, resulting in the death of a person by negligence.” At the moment, the issue of choosing a preventive measure is being decided. Investigators establish all the circumstances of the incident.

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Preschool educational organizations will have recommendations on financial literacy programs, press service of the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education, https://123helpme.me/hero-essay-example/ together with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Center for the Implementation of State Educational Policy and Information Technologies, has developed guidelines for kindergarten teachers on the development of economic education for children aged 5–7 years. These recommendations were sent to all regions of Russia.

At preschool age, financial literacy is aimed at fostering frugality, rational behavior, and value assessment of labor results in a child. Economic education allows you to form an idea of ​​the financial world, which can help him become an independent and successful person who makes competent, balanced decisions. In preschool age, not only the foundations of financial literacy are laid, but also the incentives to learn throughout life. Therefore, classes in economic education programs are necessary not only for schoolchildren and students, but also for preschoolers.

The programs assume a playful approach as the main one. Classes are recommended to be conducted in an accessible and comfortable for children form of theatrical performances, fairy tales, thematic games in a group, educational web quests. They will help to cultivate diligence, efficiency, enterprise, conscientiousness, responsibility and self-control, self-confidence, the search for the best way out of the situation.

The recommendations contain a list of basic concepts that correspond to the age and individual characteristics of the development of children. Programs pay great attention to labor as the basis for revealing the essence of money.

Discussing the topic of canceling the Unified State Exam, it is necessary to offer another understandable mechanism for assessing knowledge, but today the state exam is the form that gives applicants equal opportunities for admission, said Olga Pilipenko, a member of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science. About this RIA Novosti.

She stressed that the issue of canceling the exam has not recently been considered in the profile committee of the lower house of the Russian parliament. According to Pilipenko, there should be uniform rules for admission to universities for school graduates.

At the same time, the deputy noted that “there is no limit to perfection,” therefore, the state examination should be a norm of life, and not a stressful situation for graduates and their families. She stressed that this is one of the tasks facing the committee.

Earlier, Sergei Vostretsov, a member of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, with a proposal to abandon the exam and return to the traditional entrance examinations.

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Parents of Moscow schoolchildren posted on the Internet demanding to transfer students in grades 1-5 to distance learning.

We, the parents of students in grades 1 and 5 of Moscow schools, demand to introduce distance education and not torture our children in the context of the coronavirus pandemic with “full-time education.” In our schools, every week, all new cases are detected either among teachers or among students and classes are constantly quarantined

– the text of the appeal says.

The authors of the petition note that the repeated departure of certain classes to “remote work” negatively affected the assimilation of the curriculum. In addition, the presence of children in schools carries risks to their health and the health of their parents.

We are confident that in such a difficult period, when there is a struggle against a dangerous virus around the world, we need a unified and equal approach to all students. Can’t younger students be carriers of the virus? Being in a children’s team, they are at risk of infection

– indicated in the petition.

Parents also believe that the Department of Education and Science of the city of Moscow should protect teachers who risk getting sick every day.

With the emergence of stable immunity to coronavirus and after a decrease in epidemiological risks in Moscow schools, full-time education should be continued for all students without exception.

– emphasize the authors of the appeal.

At the time of publication of the news, 934 people signed the petition.

At the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Education (RAO) on December 19, the examination of textbooks was discussed.

First of all, the council discussed the meeting that took place the day before, where they talked about the textbooks of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Then the results of additional expertise were approved: 863 textbooks were recommended for inclusion in the Federal Program, and more than 500 textbooks were not tested.

RAO experts expressed dissatisfaction not only with the purpose of the additional procedure, but also with its quality.

According to acting President of RAO Vladimir Laptev, the examination procedure turned out to be imperfect. According to the regulations, one negative point earned by a textbook during verification can become fatal for him, even if 9 other answers are positive. In addition, specialists conducting pedagogical expertise are invited to answer questions that are not related to their competence (for example, to identify signs of extremism in a textbook).

At the meeting, it was proposed to change the format of the examination of textbooks for children with disabilities. In addition, a more economical and rational approach was discussed – to conduct an examination at the stage of preparation, and not after the release of textbooks.

Consideration of recommendations for improving the expertise is scheduled for February 27, 2019.

In Sibay (Republic of Bashkortostan), where since November they have been unable to solve the problem of air pollution with sulfur dioxide due to the smoldering mothballed quarry of the Uchalinsky GOK, the authorities decided to introduce restrictive measures.

The problem of pollution is supposed to be solved not earlier than February, however, neither the residents of Sibay, nor the local authorities believe in the reality of this date. At the same time, activists are preparing to hold protest rallies – a notification has been sent to the government of Bashkiria about a rally with the participation of 5 thousand people.

Five schools located next to the mine and all kindergartens in the city are prohibited from organizing sports and outdoor activities for children on the street until February 1. This is how city officials reacted to air pollution for the first time in three months.

The situation in the city became aggravated at the beginning of the week, when calm weather re-established. Sulfur emissions from the quarry continue. So far, the UGOK administration has not managed to eliminate the centers of smoldering, although flooding the quarry with a mixture of water and clay allowed to reduce their area by about half.

The authorities took restrictive measures after the acting head of Bashkiria, Radiy Khabirov, visited the city on Tuesday. At a meeting with him, local activists complained about the inaction of the city administration, which does not transmit information about the pollution to them.

Concerned parents said that they could not examine children in clinics and hospitals, as medical facilities are overcrowded and there are not enough doctors. In response to this, a team of 14 Ufa doctors of various profiles arrived in Sibay yesterday.

The authorities do not yet see any reason to introduce an emergency regime in the city. As Radiy Khabirov said on Tuesday, there is no question of stopping the work of the Sibay branch of the GOK. He also called on local activists “not to heat up the situation,” while promising them “to do everything.”

The final stage of the XI All-Russian competition “Educator of the Year of Russia – 2020” will be held in Perm in November, the press service of the Ministry of Education.

During the meeting of the organizing committee of the competition, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Viktor Basyuk recalled that the final of the event is traditionally held in the region, whose representative won last year. In 2019, the main prize of the competition is the teacher of the Perm kindergarten “School of Knights and Princesses” Evgeny Pepelyaev.

During the meeting, the members of the organizing committee discussed the amendments to the Regulations on the competition “Educator of the Year of Russia”. According to Zhanna Sadovnikova, Director of the Department of State Policy in the Sphere of General Education of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the model of its holding in 2020 will not radically change, minor adjustments have been made to it based on the results of public discussions.

In addition, the draft program of competitive tests was considered, the dates, model and procedure for the final stage, as well as the rules for the work of the jury and the counting commission were determined.

Read the interview with the winner of the “Educator of the Year of Russia – 2019” competition Evgeny Pepelyaev on our website.

Rosobrnadzor said that the issue of organizing the Unified State Exam-2021 only for applicants who are going to enter universities requires extensive discussion, TASS.

Recall that in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, only students who entered universities took the exam. All graduates received their certificates without passing exams on the basis of final marks.

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