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Who are we?


Canella Brand Shoes is a dream come true. We were born as a small enterprise with a limited collection in 2018. Season by season, the acceptance of our clients gives us the necessary motivation to trust that what we are offering is something valuable and different.

Our love for shoes, prioritization of stylish comfort and strength of women inspired the foundation of this brand.

Our products have a clear style: big and strong. They are an accessory that will give you personality and confidence to face any situation. But it’s not just shoes, each collection has a story behind it that inspires every design, color and detail.

The creative process is our favorite part; exploring, looking for inspiration, designing and attending to every step of the creation process. From selecting materials to the final product and its presentation.


Canella Brand Shoes is an exclusive and stylish brand of shoes, but above all, it is focused on comfort. Our purpose is to give women a unique and different accessory that makes them feel strong and empowered.

All our shoes are handmade. They are made in local workshops in Peru by our craftsmen. In addition, we design and produce our woods, as well as importing unique materials to produce special models to differentiate us.

Each collection is inspired by a different place and has its own history. It is in these special places where we shoot our lookbooks. Landscapes help us convey the essence of each collection.

Canella Brand Shoes offers you style and comfort so that you leave a mark wherever you go.  With extreme care for details, we promise you a high quality product that sets trends.